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         Class Cancellation / Notification Alert   
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         For the added purpose of your convenience, Tennis Dynamics is now instituting a cancellation notice on the same day of your program whenever it is possible. These cancellations are posted only when we are certain that your tennis class will  
        Here's how it works;  
1)    If you don't see your community listed below with the appropriate lessons are
   still scheduled and the instructors are on their way. This doesn't mean that the class  
   won't be cancelled at a later time once the instructor arrives at the courts. The courts may
   be too wet and unplayable but we do try and instruct if there are a limited # of puddles and
   the instructor feels it's safe. If the first lesson is cancelled during the day,it's likely the
   second and remaining classes of the day will be cancelled as well unless the instructor
   feels the courts will dry and become safe and playable that day. We do our best to try and
   get classes in as long as there are at least 2 hours for the instructor to teach.
2)    The notification will normally not be made until 45 minutes to an hour before the start of
    the first hour of class for that day. The 1st Weekday class time (other than summer
    camps) is usually 4pm and sometimes 5pm for some towns. Weekend times are 9am or 
   10am depending on the town. It's your responsibility for checking on the first class time of
    the day. Please remember that we'll attempt to do our best to give you advance notice
    whenever we're certain  the lessons are canceled. 
           2019 Fall  Rain Cancellations & updates

Please scroll down for up to date listings

      10/2 Tenafly all classes canceled due to rain earlier today
      10/9 Tenafly  clases canceled due to Holiday
       10/16 Wednesday Tenafly classes canceled due to impending rain
   10/20 Sunday Rutherford 12,1,2 and 3pm classes are rained out . A make up will be added on Nov 3rd.    
   10/22 Tuesday LInden classes are canceled due to rain
                     10/30 Tenafly lessons cancelled due to rain and wet courts please see Tenafly rec. notice as to scheduleing make-ups this weekend.     
                     11/12 Tuesday/Linden Today's final lesson has been postponed (due to cold temps) until next week 11/19 when the forecast is for warmer weather conditions. 

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